Meetup | Cloud Native Night Munich 3/23


Terraform is not enough! #pluginFramework #k8s #operator

In this Meetup we’ll look into what comes after mastering the typical suspects of Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform. What if Terraform does not support some component of your infrastructure? What if your users have just learned Kubernetes and don’t want to version infrastructure separately from your Kubernetes manifests in HCL?

Grazer Linuxtage

Graz , Österreich

Making the Internet faster – QUIC und HTTP/3

Talk with Franz Wimmer

Digital Crafts Day – by DCN


From the ivory tower to agile architecture

Talk with Mario-Leander Reimer

Architecture for agile projects needs to be defined, described and continuously developed differently. Not all decisions are made at once, nor are they all made when the project starts. This talk describes different methods, tools and team topologies that can be successfully applied even in large agile projects to counteract architecture erosion and wild growth.

Shevelopers: Quality and Security of Software hosted by QAware

QAware München Aschauer Str. 30, München

Shevelopers are meeting again with two inspiring speakers and a lot of networking fun!


18:30 We start with delicious food and drinks sponsored by QAware


19:15 Quality Metrics Unleashed – Software quality under control with visualization and alerting
Ensuring software quality in microservice architectures is a real challenge: our tried-and-tested approaches no longer scale to complex systems with numerous components.
We present our approach, which makes software quality in complex microservice architectures manageable. We collect and visualize various metrics in a central location, rely on alerting in the event of anomalies and thus support our teams in recognizing early on where we need to focus our attention.
With a clever combination of open source tools, we have solved our problem of keeping track of numerous distributed repos and components.
We look at various metrics: code quality, business and technical debt, compliance with architectural specifications and many more.


Speaker: Ildikó Tárkányi & Sonja Wegner
As a Senior Software Engineer at QAware, Ildikó Tárkányi specializes in the development and testing of complex software systems. Thanks to her passion for technology and her commitment to high quality standards, she masters challenging problems.
Sonja Wegner is Lead Software Architect and Business Unit Director at QAware. Her current focus is on the design and implementation of complex systems and software architectures. For some time now, she has been particularly involved in software quality and its measurement, APIs and their architectural aspects and test strategies.




20:00 Social Engineering – The security gap is the human being
Social Engineering – also known as the science of human hacking – focuses on exploiting the psyche of individuals rather than attacking technical systems. In this talk we will take a look at its key aspects, learn what makes people vulnerable and delve into the psychological and sociological methods Social Engineers use to hack our minds.


Speaker: Patricia Maier
As a Software Architect at QAware Patricia Maier focuses on the design and implementation of complex software architectures. Motivated by her interest in bridging the gap between technology and psychology, Patricia will explore the facets of Social Engineering in her upcoming talk.


20:30 Networking with drinks and music

Meetup I Cloud Native Night Fully-managed Cloud-native Databases: The path to indefinite scale

QAware Mainz Rheinstraße 4 C, Eingang an der Templerstraße, Mainz

For the first meeting of 2024, our topic is databases in the cloud. Applications cannot run without a database and they are often the bottleneck that needs to be scaled. In our talk you will learn about the scaling opportunities the cloud offers for databases and our experiences with our customers.


***** ABSTRACTS *****


**Fully-managed Cloud-native Databases: The path to indefinite scale by Dirk**


When it comes to the question: “Where do we actually store our application data?”, we are spoilt for choice, especially when it comes to the major cloud providers.


The simple and often completely valid answer is still the classic relational database! It is very suitable for many areas of application, as the technology is tried and tested and can cover a very broad spectrum. It is therefore not surprising that all major cloud providers offer this as a “managed service”.


For some years now, however, there have also been so-called cloud-native databases that have been specially developed for the requirements of the cloud. The big promise: “Infinite scalability”


In a large customer project, we have been using such a database productively for over 4 years with Azure CosmosDB.
The presentation will deal with the following questions, among others


– What does “upscalability” mean in practice ?
– What do you have to pay attention to when designing?
– What are the actual limits?
– What other special features do I get?
– When do I need a cloud-native database?


But that’s not all! We also look beyond Azure to the other two major cloud providers: AWS and Google Cloud. With DynamoDB and Datastore/Firestore, they have similar products on offer.

Green Software Development Manifesto and Green Software Foundation

Partnership and shared knowledge before competitive advantage.
This is the 5th Guiding Principle in our Green Software Development Manifesto (–>
We believe this is a good slogan for meetups in general. But it is especially true for this meetup.


We are joining forces:
❇ 2 communities: Green Software Development Manifesto and Green Software Foundation MUC / HAMBURG
❇ 2 locations on site: Munich QAware GmbH & Hamburg MaibornWolff GmbH + remote option
❇ 2 great speakers: Thorsten Jonas & Claire Thornewill


Click here to register:
– Munich:
– Hamburg:

Modularisation double talk – Spring Modulith & Microservices, Monoliths

QAware Mainz Rheinstraße 4 C, Eingang an der Templerstraße, Mainz

On 20 March, our double evening will be all about “Spring Modulith & Microservices, Monoliths”. Discover with us why, beyond the hype about microservices and monoliths, modularisation really is the key to making complex systems maintainable and manageable.


Eberhard Wolff, Head of Architecture at SWAGLab, with over twenty years of experience, will take you on a journey through modern architecture and development approaches, from cloud to microservices.


Oliver Drotbohm from the Spring Engineering Team at Broadcom will introduce you to the world of Spring Modulith. See how you can use Spring to develop structured and maintainable applications that reflect your architectural ideas.


Join us as we dive deeper into the discussion of finding the right balance in software architecture. Whether you’re a fan of microservices or a fan of solid monoliths, you’ll find new perspectives and approaches for your projects.


More information at:

Girls in IT: Discover your opportunities at QAware Girls’ Day

We at QAware are opening our doors to curious and tech-savvy girls from the 9th grade onwards!
Are you ready to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of IT and software development for a day?


What you can expect:
• Discover the secrets behind bits and bytes: experience software that grows and changes with you
• Insights into the IT profession: Learn from our team what our everyday life looks like and how diverse our work is
• Program yourself in Munich: Immerse yourself in the world of artificial intelligence. With Scratch, we train a character that can react to your words – laughing or crying, depending on what you say
• In Mainz, this time we’re looking at the Calliope Mini: a computer that fits on the palm of your hand. From the first steps to simple games, you will learn how programming works and what you can do with such a small computer


When & Where?
• April 25, 2024
• Our offices in Mainz and Munich


For whom?
Girls from the 9th grade


Would you like to join us and get to know the exciting world of software development? Then you’ve come to the right place! Register by 𝟬𝟱. 𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗹 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰 online for:
• Mainz:
• Munich:


We look forward to welcoming you at QAware on Girls’ Day!

Kubernetes Community Days Munich 2024

smartvillage Bogenhausen Rosenkavalierplatz 13, München

On 1 and 2 July, the Kubernetes & Cloud Native Community will gather at smartvillage Bogenhausen in Munich.


Join us for a two-day technical event with lots of exciting talks and networking opportunities.


The KCD Munich is aimed at developers, platform managers and other IT experts with an interest in cloud-native technologies.


This community event is supported by the CNCF.


What can you expect?
Attendance and dialogue with all key players in the cloud-native ecosystem and, of course, QAware
– Technically competent presentations relevant to the larger community and coming from end users
– Leading experts in the fields of open source, DevOps and cloud native
– An exceptional venue on 2 floors with ample space for networking, talks and workshops
– Good food for every taste and of course bowling!

Meetup | Cloud Native Night Mainz | hybrid

QAware Mainz Rheinstraße 4 C, Eingang an der Templerstraße, Mainz

Join us at our next Cloud Native Night in Mainz. We are exploring “Workload Identity” in the context of Azure and Kubernetes clusters. As digital transformation accelerates, traditional server credential management methods are becoming outdated. Discover how the concept of “Workload Identity” leverages identity federation and cloud-native technologies to enhance security, streamline credential management, and mitigate breaches.




Overview and Security of Microsoft Entra Workload ID, Thomas Naunheim (Cyber Security Architect @glueckkanja AG, Microsoft MVP)


Workload Identity for applications without static credentials, Christian Fritz (Software Architect, QAware GmbH)