Your path is as special as you are

Development ist often understood in a one-sided way. Sure, we want to move forward, internally but also visible to the outside world. And sometimes, we don’t. Then we might want to dive deeper into a specific topic and become an expert. And in other phases, everything is just fine the way it is.

Career advancement can also have very different facets: At QAware, you can use three different branches for your professional development: The “A branch” for architecture consultants, the “M branch” for our managers and the “T branch” for those who want to pursue their passion for code.

* Gender, origin, etc. are not evaluation criteria for us. The main thing is that you’re as enthusiastic about technology as we are.

And you can turn, change, or dive into where you are at any time.

Where will your path take you next?

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Continuing education

This is how you like to learn

At QAware you learn independently with your own chosen goals. With your development goals in mind, your manager will be happy to support you. Our QAcampus provides you with many proven and new learning modules.

  • Rookie Week & Rookie Camps, which teach newcomers to QAware our software engineering basics.
  • Engineering Camps, which deepen the long-term knowledge required by the QAware team.
  • Guilds that advance all of us in a specialization.
  • QAtalks, where topics with short and medium term relevance are presented
  • Codefests, where you gain first experience with new technologies and programming ecosystems
  • Soft skills training, where you learn tools, basic rules and tricks beyond computer science
  • Individual training for career changers to become software engineers
  • Coachings support you in implementing what you have already learned
  • Resilience trainings for your personal balance
  • Cloud provider certifications to build competence and partnerships

If you have special training needs, you get your own learning coach. For example, if you start with us as a career changer. Your learning coach will accompany you and provide you with materials. Together you improve the learning process – iteratively in learning sprints.

Because you learn exactly what interests and motivates you, you will make good progress. Your learning coach gives you room for personal learning development. He or she supports your steps, gives you a framework and coordinates the content. You yourself decide, learn and reflect.

Clearly, your learning objectives should be related to your work with us – the field is wide, it can be for example building knowledge about your client’s domain. Your goals remain confidential. It is up to you to decide if and how you want to use your learning and additional skills in the project.

What would you like to learn?

Send us an email, we look forward to discussing it with you. Or tell us in your application what you would like to learn.