Your benefits.
As individual as you are.

Want to discover Europe? Get the latest hardware? Make provisions for your old age? Be mobile and flexible and work independently of time and place? Whatever it is. Our benefits give you the flexibility you need and the upgrade you deserve.

More net. From the gross.

Because there’s more in it for you.

With our “More net from gross” format, we offer you lots of ways to get more from your money. A new smartphone or a top-equipped notebook. Canteen or favorite restaurant. Your future plans. Your dreams. Because you earn more.

Bonus conversion

You want to buy hardware privately? You can do that with us. With our bonus conversion you have the possibility to convert your bonus or a part of it into hardware once a year. Quite simply at favorable company conditions.

Meal Allowance

Thinking about what you’re in the mood for at lunch? No problem. Whether it’s a canteen, supermarket or the snack bar around the corner. We’ll pay you €3 per day for your lunch allowance. Eat what you feel like.

Company pension plan

We don’t just offer room for maneuver in our day-to-day work. That’s why we offer the option of a company pension plan. Because you deserve a great future.

Employer loan

What are you dreaming of? A new electric guitar, a high-end sound system or a plane ticket? Whatever it is. We try to support your dreams. With an employer loan. At attractive conditions. Absolutely clear.

Corporate Benefits

We know that everyone has their own wishes and needs. Through the “corporate benefits” program, exclusive products and services are available to you at special rates from well-known suppliers. The use? Free of charge, of course.

Your time out.

Because you can.

New Work is our New Normal. We know that excellent software can only be created under excellent working conditions. That’s why the individual needs of each employee in terms of time and place at QAware are important to us.

Hybrid Work

The KiTa announces a closing day at short notice? You still have to run errands or simply need a moment to yourself? There are many situations that require maximum flexibility. We give you the freedom you need.


Fitness and wellness, just the way you like it. With QAwellFit, we support your personal wellbeing routine – from fitness activities to relaxation techniques. Stay in shape, find your balance and become your best self. Your wellbeing, our commitment.


Work and Vacation belong together for us like Yin and Yang. Wherever you want to go in Europe. We enable you to work remotely from abroad, explore our planet and discover the IT world together with us.


Made for you. Need some time off to recharge your batteries or want to experience something great? With enough lead time, you can do just that.


Laws are there to be improved. We offer you 30 days of full recuperation leave and the possibility of special leave on certain occasions. Your vacation. Your time off.

Volunteer Day

Are you involved in volunteer work? Whether it’s technical relief, supplying food at the food bank, event planning for youth organizations or language courses for people with an immigrant background. We give you a special day off especially for your volunteer work. Every year. For a better today and a better future together.

Your flexibility. Your freedom.

Stay mobile. No matter what.

Flexibility is important. We agree on that. For us, it starts with mobility. No matter whether you live in the city or in the country. Whether you’re a train rider, a car driver or a bike enthusiast. You decide how you get to your destination. And you get the same standard at home as in the office. That’s for sure.


Whether on the way to work or once across the country. We think you should have the flexibility and freedom to conquer the IT world together with us. That’s why we offer you a wide range of mobility options:

49€ Ticket: We take over the complete costs for the Germany ticket.

Leasing Bike: No matter if old school, e-bike or s-pedelec. Find the bike that suits you at over 10,000 dealers.

Car leasing: We can do more than just bikes. You like to be on the road on four wheels? With us, you have the option of leasing your next vehicle.

E-charging stations: Charge your electric vehicle for free at one of our charging stations.

Home office equipment

Your home office equipment. As individual as you are. With us you can work from home. At the same standard as in the office. Simply choose a height-adjustable table and chair that suits you and your home office. Through our own home office store. Completely free of charge. Including delivery and assembly. Very simple. Very uncomplicated.

Culture. Shock.

Be who you are, become who you want to be.

We cannot put into words how we work together and learn from each other. Each of us makes being with one another something very special. And people not only deserve, they need an environment in which they can grow and develop. Why? Because we want to help you become the best version of yourself.

Mentoring Program

This is how to arrive. Your personal mentor accompanies you on your way to QAware and is there to advise you. In this way, you will also get to know QAware outside of the projects. For example, when exchanging ideas in our coffee and tea corners.

Continuing education

This is the joy of learning. Build your own training concept. At QAware you learn independently with your own chosen goals. Your manager will be happy to support you with a view to your development goals. Our QAcampus provides you with many proven and new learning modules.

Office dog

You have a faithful companion at your side? Our offices are made for it. But we have to warn you: Your dog will quickly become the secret star at QAware.

Corporate Events

Party like a Rockstar? Whether project successes, QAfamily, Christmas party, engineering camp, team events or just because. We think it should be celebrated.

Lifelong learning

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge? Whether lectures at renowned colleges and universities, seminars, thesis supervision or your own publication. Whether it’s at in-house talks at QAware, external conferences or our legendary Engineering Camp. Whatever it is. The stage is yours. With us, you can be who you are and become who you want to be.


Small breaks and an inspiring work environment. That’s important and we know it. Depending on the location, you have the opportunity for your own personal musical time-out. In the form of a grand piano or on the guitar. You play another instrument? We look forward to your contribution!

Welcome to the team

Our goal: You are calmly productive.

Whether in the middle of your team, in a conversation or concentrated at your desk, at home, focused on a topic or online in a lightweight exchange with others. On the road with your laptop with customers or outside in the fresh air.

Wherever and however you are best in the flow – you get everything you need. By the way, you are also welcome to use all the equipment privately.

You get from us:


Define your digital path with the latest Apple or Lenovo laptop.


High-end ANC headphones ensure an undisturbed working atmosphere.


Dive into the digital world and choose between a widescreen curved monitor from DELL or other models.


The latest iPhone Pro becomes your digital companion, and you get a good portion of data volume on top.


For your development. Our bright and spacious work areas are made for your creative spirit.

Your workplace

Height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are standard with us. Also in the home office.

Team Meeting Points

We redefine team spirit. Our meeting places, such as our legendary Area42, offer space for coming together, creative exchange and inspiring conversations.

Your framework
for your development

“Working at QAware means more to me than just having a job. Here I have found a place where I can be who I am and become who I want to be. I can grow in the direction that suits me and pursue my interests to become better. That’s something I’ve discovered for myself here, and it’s something I’m incredibly excited about. I find the collaboration with my colleagues particularly beautiful and fascinating. At QAware, we work at a high level and encourage each other. The collaborative give and take, the cooperation and in the end getting the best out of a situation.

That’s what sets QAware apart. The high standard motivates me to do my best every day and I am very proud to be part of such a unique ecosystem.”

Stephan Munsch, Software Engineer

You want more
from your job?

Then code your future now. With QAware.