OK, let’s talk about benefits

Our goal: You are serenly productive. Whether in the middle of your team, in a conversation or concentrated at your desk. At home, focused on a topic or online light-weight in exchange with others. On the road with a laptop at a customer’s or outside in the fresh air.

Wherever and however you are best in the flow – you get everything you need. By the way, you are also welcome to use all the equipment for private purposes.

This includes:

  • the latest Apple and Lenovo laptops
  • Noise-canceling headphones from Bose
  • 38″ widescreen curved monitor from DELL and others to choose from
  • Current iPhone or Pixel Phone with a full data plan
  • bright, generously equipped workrooms
  • height-adjustable desks
  • cool team meeting places like our legendary Area42

You can pursue your passion for scientific work with us: We cooperate with universities, hold lectures and seminars, supervise theses, write publications and share our knowledge:

Lifelong learning is our credo. You have the chance to continuously develop yourself – be it professionally or personally.

We know how important small breaks and an inspiring work environment are. You create your musical break on the grand piano or on the guitar . Even if you don’t play an instrument yourself, you will quickly learn to appreciate the pleasure of musical downtime.

Our artworks serve as a further source of inspiration: regional artists exhibit their works with us. For longer breaks, we have areas with bright kitchens that invite you to cook together. Lots of sports equipment, a gaming zone and our library are also at your disposal.

Every year you can win the QAlabs prize: The most innovative project gets fame & glory – and a generous bonus!

You’ll have drinks, cappuccino from delicious barista coffee, and fresh fruit or cereal bars to suit your mood. You mix smoothies to your liking.

We often like to celebrate together: project successes, QAfamily, Christmas parties, team events, Oktoberfest or just because. And we want you to stay healthy and grow old with us. To do this, you can take advantage of personal coaching, for example.

By the way: Did we mention that you will find parking spaces on site? And, of course – with an electric charging points!

Live and work in flow

To be honest, we struggle with the term “work-life balance” – it sounds like life and work are opposites that you have to bring together somehow.

We see it differently. You always live. Working costs energy and is a source of energy at the same time. We strive to work in flow – with a good balance of demands and abilities.

Whether you’re partying, chatting, being creative and, yes, working, eating or sleeping. You do it all with your personality, with your values and your joy of designing and creating.

This is exactly how we live and work at QAware. Undisturbed at home. Collaborating at the customer’s office. At the meeting in our “Area 42”. Hybrid in every way, focused when working undisturbed, open when collaborating and meeting in our lively culture.

And we respect the different needs for space and calmness. For retreat. For time with your family. For time for yourself. For example, during your sabbatical.

You want to stay calm?

Share your individual flow with us.
We look forward to discussing this with you and receiving your application.