Welcome to
New Normal

Your workplace? Sounds strange, today in the New Normal. There are, of course, classic workplaces at our company. And there is so much more.

We’re completely redesigning our collaboration right now. We’re doing it together as a team. With a focus on what’s important to us. Lifelong learning, for example.

We work from home, in the office, at the client’s site; in our favorite chair, aboard a sailboat (OK, that was actually a bit wonky), in our cozy huddle rooms, and with all forms of hybrid.

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You get into a flow during your Deep Work phases, where you code creatively without interruption. You get inspired during Shallow Work, where you engage in a lightweight exchange with colleagues.

You think holistically and make your own decisions. This gives you maximum flexibility. And an excellent balance for your professional and private life.

Life at QAware

Where do you prefer to work?

Send us an email, we look forward to discussing it with you. Or tell us in your application where you prefer to work.