Welcome to
New Normal

Your workplace? Sounds strange, today in the New Normal. There are, of course, classic workplaces at our company. And there is so much more.

We’re completely redesigning our collaboration right now. We’re doing it together as a team. With a focus on what’s important to us. Lifelong learning, for example.

We work from home, in the office, at the client’s site; in our favorite chair, aboard a sailboat (OK, that was actually a bit wonky), in our cozy huddle rooms, and with all forms of hybrid.

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You get into a flow during your Deep Work phases, where you code creatively without interruption. You get inspired during Shallow Work, where you engage in a lightweight exchange with colleagues.

You think holistically and make your own decisions. This gives you maximum flexibility. And an excellent balance for your professional and private life.

Our Principles for Home Office

Adressing needs

Hybrid working affects everyone differently in their daily lives.
We create structures that enable active exchange about needs.

(Digital) Connectedness

We actively shape our cohesion and company culture together – online and offline.

Open to New Ideas

We are open to new roles and structures that arise from the hybrid work environment.

Mindful Interaction

Even in the digital space, we take care of each other and interact with mindfulness. Health always comes first.

Presence is Agreed Upon in the Team

The team agrees on who will be on-site for business trips, client appointments, and team days. In doing so, we consider the interests of the clients and together with them, find the right level of presence.


We have the freedom to complete our tasks in a self-determined manner and at the place that makes the most sense for us. In doing so, we take into account the needs of individuals, teams, and clients.

Effortlessly Productive at the Workplace

Our offices are designed for focused work, productive meetings, and relaxed interactions, blending ideal working conditions with spaces where we can be effortlessly productive. QAware also ensures optimal workspaces with ergonomic setups for those working from home.

Our Offices Remain Vital

Our locations in Munich, Mainz, and Rosenheim maintain a pivotal role as centers of encounter and community, even within a hybrid culture.

Appropriate Technical Support

QAware ensures that all employees have access to the right equipment, including those in the home office.

High Flexibility

Our work hours and locations are flexible, allowing us to be productive at any time without the need to be constantly available.

Presence and Hybrid Work are Equally Valued

In our collaboration, we consider all work locations and address all employees, regardless of whether they work onsite or remotely.

Working Abroad

We support and facilitate working from EU countries. If you wish to work from non-EU countries or emigrate, we will work with you to find individual solutions and the appropriate legal framework wherever possible.

Life at QAware

Where do you prefer to work?

Send us an email, we look forward to discussing it with you. Or tell us in your application where you prefer to work.