No one wants to do everything alone

Partners enrich our perspectives. And our performance. A good match of values is important to us when choosing our partners. Trust is the glue that holds joint projects together. Our mutual openness is fun and provides valuable insights for all involved.

We expand our value chain with partners. horizontally and vertically. Through partners in other time zones, we establish 24×7 delivery capabilities in a DevOps context.

Gemeinsames Brainstorming auf dem Whiteboard
Faster from idea to product

Twip Venture Studio is a joint effort of MaibornWolff and QAware – with about 800 digital experts. Together, we draw on our project experience with numerous companies and start-ups. With this power, the excellent work culture and the network of our two companies, Twip! has been leveraging digital business ideas to the next level since December 2021.

Support for digital start-ups in the south

We are a member of Stellwerk18 since the end of 2021. Stellwerk18 supports and connects startups and companies through a sustainable network in the field of digitalization and innovation. Through our cooperation, we would like to do our part to ensure that the digital economy in Southeast Bavaria and Tyrol continues to develop as one of the QAware home regions and to expand our network. The contact person and driver of the cooperation on our side is our Managing Director Dr. Josef Adersberger, who acted as a jury member of an idea competition.

Support on the Cloud Native Journey

We have been supporting companies on their Cloud Native Journey and making entire application landscapes ready for the cloud since 2010. Through EuroCloud Native, we want to exchange knowledge, initiate discussions and share experiences. We are particularly looking for cooperations with cloud platform providers, as they create the basis for our work on applications.

Industry platform for IT companies in the Rosenheim region

ROSIK aims to raise the profile of the Rosenheim economic region as a center for information and communication technology. In addition, ROSIK provides a cooperation and communication platform for member companies and representatives from administration, politics and universities. Here, the association sees itself as a service provider: It aligns its main activities with the requirements of its members.

Home for Open-Source projects

CNCF is the open source, vendor-neutral hub of cloud native computing, hosting projects like Kubernetes and Prometheus to make cloud native universal and sustainable. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) hosts critical components of the global technology infrastructure. It brings together the world’s top developers, end users, and vendors and runs the largest open source developer conferences. CNCF is part of the nonprofit Linux Foundation.

Digitale Teams

It’s time to live and work wherever and however you want! Under this motto, we are demonstrating in the “Digital Teams” project how digitization can enable new working models and improve life in rural regions.

The overarching goal of the project is to counteract the rural exodus in Germany by improving employment opportunities in rural regions.

Gutenberg Digital Hub
A place for innovation and further education in Mainz.

The Gutenberg Digital Hub in Mainz is an association of regional business, science and public institutions. The hub sees itself as a center for digital users from industry, startups, IT SMEs and science.

Among our friends are also:

From your perspective: Which potential partner would be a good fit for us? Send us an email, we look forward to discussing with you.