Milestones of QAware

Culture compatible growth
Our team has reached the 200-person mark: culture compatible growth has been our goal since we were founded in 2005.
Our employees have once again confirmed that we succeed in this in 2022: In the neutrally conducted annual "Great Place to Work" culture audit, we even achieved first place in our category.
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Project organizations have dominated our customers for the past three decades. Today it is increasingly product organizations,
that set the organizational framework for our work. We see product centricity as a major opportunity in the corporate customer sector and in the new market of digital startups that is emerging across the board.
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QAware 3.0
180 people work at QAware today, 90% of them in software engineering and 10% in cross-sectional functions such as human resources, finance and marketing.
We have a turnover of €27 million. Together with six leading corporations, several innovative medium-sized companies and startups, we work on digital products that we hope will advance the world. Today, a group of 16 managers, technologists and specialists for cross-sectional functions are responsible for the operational management of the company; all of them have power of attorney. They form the management of the company. The CEOs act primarily as coaches, enablers, networkers and entrepreneurs to invent QAware 4.0 with cool ideas for the next decade.
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Cloud Native
In 2010 we held one of the first lectures in Germany on the subject of cloud computing.
Dr. Josef Adersberger brought the Cloud Native topic from Silicon Valley to Germany in 2015. We founded our Cloud Native Night Meetup in Munich and Mainz with today more than 2000 members in the community and in 2017 we were one of the first German companies to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation as a member.
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Working Culture
The working culture at QAware is characterized by mutual appreciation, feedback and high quality standards.
Starting in 2010, Bernd Schlüter ensured that QAware was independently audited annually by the Great Place to Work Institute. Since then, QAware has regularly received the "best employer in Germany" award.
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QAcampus & QAfamily
With QAcampus and QAfamily, company-wide traditions were introduced to understand the needs of the team as well as possible.
Since then, the company has invested a lot of energy in further training.
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ab 2009
From 2009, QAware grew to 40 employees.
That sounds slow in a startup context today. At that time, we were growing rapidly, especially since the growth was financed entirely from cash flow.
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A software architecture review at a leading telecom provider was a resounding success:
The system was a digital B2C product and had twelve million users. We turned it around from the ground up in eight months, growing to its double size at the height of the financial crisis in 2009 and laying the foundation for the new QAware. Christian Kamm, who joined the management team in 2008, also made a significant contribution to this.
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In 2005 QAware was founded - a company that is digital at heart and whose DNA is responsibility, quality of results and
high productivity. An ecosystem for high-quality software engineering.
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In 2004 the computer scientists Alfred, Johannes and Josef met.
Those three wanted to "give the beauty of software engineering a proper place in the business world." Programming should be recognized as a high art and engineering discipline, not a subaltern activity.
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There is more to tell

No one really wants to read stories about the history of companies. They usually end in self-congratulation, unsustainable myths or, even worse, sales pitches. So why this essay? The honest answer: because we were asked. So now we’re doing what we’ve always wanted to do: Tell the world what motivates us in our innermost being.