Cloud Migration

We prepare IT systems for the future by analyzing them and migrating them step by step into the cloud. We create transparency about the technologies and the complexity of the migration, ensure organisational alignment, design a migration architecture, and migrate each system to the cloud with the appropriate strategy.

We continuously ensure full cost control. For system alliances, we follow an industrialized migration approach in which the development teams are closely involved. The approach has proven successful and has been scaled up to 500+ systems.

  • Cloud friendly migration in six proven steps: analysis, alignment, architecture & blueprint, acceleration as migration approach, migration, cost control.
  • If necessary, remediation of individual systems with legacy code insurance and contractually agreed KPIs
  • Transition and rollout
  • Commissioning and support during pilot operation of the migrated systems
  • Maintenance, further development and operation in BizDevOps mode, if desired
  • Implementation of special tasks in individual systems: UX refresh, data consolidation, security hardening, architecture refactoring, continuous delivery, data migration, performance boost

We contractually guarantee the KPIs of the remediated system. This way we take on a maximum of responsibility for the successful remediation.


Deutsche Telekom
Compliance secured
As a development partner for Deutsche Telekom’s data protection and IT security compliance portal, we are…
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Learning never ends

As a passionate developer and #CloudNativeNerd, I found my natural habitat at QAware: Where career, coding and kids are not a contradiction but a wonderful complement. Where I inspire around the world at conferences on my favorite topics. 

Where I not only work intensively with equally passionate colleagues, but also have a lot of fun. Where I can constantly develop myself.

Mario-Leander Reimer, Technical Managing Director at QAware

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