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In a lift and shift migration, applications are moved from a local environment to the cloud without significant changes to the application itself. Applications thus become like “cloud aliens” – they are foreign bodies in the cloud that offer little or no benefits.

When applications are fully reengineered as cloud native microservices, all the benefits of the cloud are available. With numerous applications, this strategy can become quite expensive. As a result, the decision to move into the cloud is delayed.

Cloud-friendly migration is a lift-and-extend approach that focuses on the outcome: A secure application that is easy to operate and adapts well. We find migration plans that achieve this goal and can be rolled out industrialized across multiple applications as much as possible.

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Your path into the cloud doesn’t have to be native. This is how you can avoid the rebuilding of proven core systems.

You need:

  • a systematic approach
  • a pragmatic proceed
  • the will, the courage and the ability to solve technical challenges.

Migrate your legacy systems cloud friendly and benefit from cloud advantages like:

  • Hyperscaling
  • Antifragility
  • Devops
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Opex Savings
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Migration strategy for over 600 legacy systems

At a large German insurance company, we have proven that even a regulated company with high security requirements can successfully migrate over 600 web applications in a cloud friendly way.


Web Applications
cloud friendly migrated

5 %

of applications could
be decommissioned.

2 years

until the first data center
could be dismantled

3 years

to break-even: Opex savings
greater than migration costs

A German insurance company

has set its sights on cloud friendly. Collaboratively, we have established a technical baseline that each application must achieve in order to be considered cloud friendly.

This Cloud Maturity Level

defined that an application can be sufficiently robust, secure and diagnosable to run in the cloud and benefit from a cloud native environment. Where appropriate, systems were also rebuilt.

The DAX-listed company

has extensively renovated its IT on a grand scale: all web applications have migrated to the public cloud. After only four years of project duration, we activated the last of the 600 applications in the cloud for production on December 28, 2020.

One of the insurer’s data centers

could already be dismantled in 2018. Nearly five percent of the applications were also decommissioned on the way to the new infrastructure – a welcome side effect.

The technical and strategic advantages

of moving the systems to the cloud are significant. For example, the time has dropped dramatically from the developer to the user and the systems run very stable.

On time as a precision landing

we completed the project. The costs also stayed within budget. The project is paying off: After just three years of operation, the savings in operating costs already exceeded the costs of migrating the systems.

Do you already know your Cloud Maturity Level?

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We make blockers & risks transparent and find customized solutions.

Our colleague Michael Rohleder, Managing Director, will support you on your journey:

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Cloud Migration Study

Together with IDG Research Services and Computerwoche, we conducted a representative survey on the topic of cloud migration and consulted German IT decision-makers.

Key finding: One-third of decision makers find the complexity challenging!

When choosing the right migration strategy, the link between business and technology is crucial. On the one hand, the goals of the migration and the conditions must be clearly worked out. On the other hand, a Single Source of Truth must reliably map the current state of the application landscape to be migrated – with technical depth and transparency.
With these evaluation frameworks, you can decide which migration method is the right one for which application. We have achieved very good experiences with making legacy software cloud friendly. Learn more about the benefits of a cloud friendly migration.

The central, key findings of the study make clear:

  • Cloud migration accelerates the digitalization.
  • The migration strategy aligns with the corporate strategy
  • Accelerated business processes reduce costs
  • Cloud migration leads to a cultural change in IT and Business
  • Satisfaction and Benefits of cloud projects are rated as good

Explore the free study and learn how German companies approach cloud migration and what obstacles they have to overcome.

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