Clean Infrastructure as Code

 |  Mario-Leander Reimer

IaC without tests is like a broken window. Clean IaC comes to rescue like clean code.

DATEV Meetup Online, Februar 2023 (Mario-Leander Reimer) Slides ansehen 

The talk „Clean Infrastructure as Code“ by Mario-Leander Reimer held in the DATEV Meetup Online emphasizes the application of clean code and architecture principles to software infrastructure. It outlines the importance of addressing software quality attributes, such as security, maintainability, and usability, in infrastructure code.

Mario Leander-Reimer then continues discussing the benefits of clean infrastructure code, including improved product quality, reduced costs, and happier teams. He also highlights common challenges, like high cognitive load and infrastructure complexity, and proposes solutions like the use of declarative vs. imperative tools and working in layers. Mr. Reimer provides leads on how to achieve Clean Code and talks about constructive and analytical options and measures of quality assurance.

Mario-Leander Reimer
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Mario-Leander Reimer

Mario-Leander Reimer ist Managing Director / CTO bei QAware. Er ist Spezialist für den Entwurf, die Umsetzung und den Betrieb[...]

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