QAware shapes the future with modern cloud technologies.

 |  Michael Rohleder
BMW-Headquarter in München

Cloud-Services the Automotive Industry

Wirtschaftsforum, February 2023 (Alexander Christ, Michael Rohleder), to the article

Within the highly critical production environment, the Munich-based IT consulting and project firm QAware has developed a cloud-native software solution for the automotive industry.

The digitalization process in the automotive industry is inevitably progressing. Openness to new technologies and the associated technical know-how are the cornerstones for the realization of a successful technology transformation. Together with BMW Group, QAware GmbH has successfully transitioned a long-standing mainframe application into a cloud-native solution.

In 2017, QAware, in collaboration with the BMW Group, initiated a project with the aim of replacing on-premise software with a modern infrastructure. Amidst technically complex challenges and an international crisis situation, the first rollout was successfully implemented on schedule in November 2020, under strict quality requirements at the Munich plant. The IT solution is now seamlessly and flawlessly operational in numerous factories, daily supplying the plants with the newly calculated parts lists, on the basis of which the vehicles are manufactured.

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Michael Rohleder
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