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Be who you are, become who you want to be.

We cannot put into words how we work together and learn from each other. Each of us makes being with one another something very special. And people not only deserve, they need an environment in which they can grow and develop. Why? Because we want to help you become the best version of yourself.

Mentoring Program

This is how to arrive. Your personal mentor accompanies you on your way to QAware and is there to advise you. In this way, you will also get to know QAware outside of the projects. For example, when exchanging ideas in our coffee and tea corners.

Continuing education

This is the joy of learning. Build your own training concept. At QAware you learn independently with your own chosen goals. Your manager will be happy to support you with a view to your development goals. Our QAcampus provides you with many proven and new learning modules.

Office dog

You have a faithful companion at your side? Our offices are made for it. But we have to warn you: Your dog will quickly become the secret star at QAware.

Corporate Events

Party like a Rockstar? Whether project successes, QAfamily, Christmas party, engineering camp, team events or just because. We think it should be celebrated.

Lifelong learning

Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge? Whether lectures at renowned colleges and universities, seminars, thesis supervision or your own publication. Whether it’s at in-house talks at QAware, external conferences or our legendary Engineering Camp. Whatever it is. The stage is yours. With us, you can be who you are and become who you want to be.


Small breaks and an inspiring work environment. That’s important and we know it. Depending on the location, you have the opportunity for your own personal musical time-out. In the form of a grand piano or on the guitar. You play another instrument? We look forward to your contribution!