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Because there’s more in it for you.

With our “More net from gross” format, we offer you lots of ways to get more from your money. A new smartphone or a top-equipped notebook. Canteen or favorite restaurant. Your future plans. Your dreams. Because you earn more.

Bonus conversion

You want to buy hardware privately? You can do that with us. With our bonus conversion you have the possibility to convert your bonus or a part of it into hardware once a year. Quite simply at favorable company conditions.

Meal Allowance

Thinking about what you’re in the mood for at lunch? No problem. Whether it’s a canteen, supermarket or the snack bar around the corner. We’ll pay you €3 per day for your lunch allowance. Eat what you feel like.

Company pension plan

We don’t just offer room for maneuver in our day-to-day work. That’s why we offer the option of a company pension plan. Because you deserve a great future.

Employer loan

What are you dreaming of? A new electric guitar, a high-end sound system or a plane ticket? Whatever it is. We try to support your dreams. With an employer loan. At attractive conditions. Absolutely clear.

Corporate Benefits

We know that everyone has their own wishes and needs. Through the “corporate benefits” program, exclusive products and services are available to you at special rates from well-known suppliers. The use? Free of charge, of course.