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Because you can.

New Work is our New Normal. We know that excellent software can only be created under excellent working conditions. That’s why the individual needs of each employee in terms of time and place at QAware are important to us.

Hybrid Work

The KiTa announces a closing day at short notice? You still have to run errands or simply need a moment to yourself? There are many situations that require maximum flexibility. We give you the freedom you need.


Fitness and wellness, just the way you like it. With QAwellFit, we support your personal wellbeing routine – from fitness activities to relaxation techniques. Stay in shape, find your balance and become your best self. Your wellbeing, our commitment.


Work and Vacation belong together for us like Yin and Yang. Wherever you want to go in Europe. We enable you to work remotely from abroad, explore our planet and discover the IT world together with us.


Made for you. Need some time off to recharge your batteries or want to experience something great? With enough lead time, you can do just that.


Laws are there to be improved. We offer you 30 days of full recuperation leave and the possibility of special leave on certain occasions. Your vacation. Your time off.

Volunteer Day

Are you involved in volunteer work? Whether it’s technical relief, supplying food at the food bank, event planning for youth organizations or language courses for people with an immigrant background. We give you a special day off especially for your volunteer work. Every year. For a better today and a better future together.