Cloud Computing

 |  Andreas Zitzelsberger, 2016 (Dr. Josef Adersberger, Michael Hausenblas, Mario-Leander Reimer, Andreas Zitzelsberger) 

“Over the clouds, freedom must be limitless” – Reinhard Mey, though unfamiliar with computers at the time, his verse describes the euphoria many people feel towards the digital cloud. In this shortcut, Dr. Josef Adersberger, Michael Hausenblas, Mario-Leander Reimer, and Andreas Zitzelsberger explore the Cloud-Native Stack, which allows a cloud-native application to be developed and operated as a microservices system. After a general introduction to the topic, the authors sequentially introduce Spring Cloud, Kubernetes, and DC/OS, explaining how Spring Cloud takes over the central management of configuration parameters, Kubernetes serves as an application server and executes applications, and how Mesos forms the core component of the cloud operating system DC/OS.

Andreas Zitzelsberger
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Andreas Zitzelsberger

Andreas Zitzelsberger is a Business Unit Director at QAware and a developer and architect driven by passion. Among other responsibilities,[...]

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