Digital Marketplaces Unleashed, The Cloud Native Stack – Building Cloud Applications as Google Does

 |  Johannes Siedersleben

Springer, 2017 (Dr. Josef Adersberger, Johannes Siedersleben, Hrsg.: Claudia Linnhoff-Popien, Ralf Schneider, Michael Zaddach) Springer, page 711.

Cloud giants like Google, Twitter or Netflix have released their core cloud technologies
open source. The cloud pioneers’ knowledge how to plan, build and run cloud applications are now accessible for free. Everyone can develop applications as scalable, as
efficient and as resilient as Google’s. This is called GIFEE (Google Infrastructure for
Everyone Else), or more descriptively Cloud Native Stack. This stack is composed of
cloud technologies open-sourced by cloud giants like Kubernetes from Google, Mesos
from Twitter and the Netflix OSS. In this paper we describe the anatomy of the cloud
native stack, map available technologies onto it and help decide when to move towards
cloud native applications, gauging luring benefits and looming risks.

Johannes Siedersleben