JavaLand 2023


3 talks, 1 workshop & 2 days exposition.

  • 🐛 Go on a Bughunt in production, but without a map!
    Talk with Dirk Kröhan
  • 💠 Quality in a Square. K8s-native Quality Assurance of Microservices with Testkube
    Talk with Mario-Leander Reimer
  • 💪 Your APIs on Steroids: Retrofitting GraphQL by Code, Cloud-native or Serverless
    Talk with Sonja Wegner
  • 🌐 From REST to gRPC with Quarkus & Co.
    workshop day with Dirk Kröhan

Meetup | Shevelopers 3/23


What do black holes and hybrid work have in common?

  • Black Holes – Fascination and Myths
    Talk with Sara Kosanović
  • How to work hybrid? – What we have learned over the last three years
    Talk with Niki (Nikola) Thierfelder

Meetup | Cloud Native Night Munich 3/23


Terraform is not enough! #pluginFramework #k8s #operator

In this Meetup we’ll look into what comes after mastering the typical suspects of Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform. What if Terraform does not support some component of your infrastructure? What if your users have just learned Kubernetes and don’t want to version infrastructure separately from your Kubernetes manifests in HCL?

Grazer Linuxtage


Making the Internet faster – QUIC und HTTP/3

Talk with Franz Wimmer

Digital Crafts Day – by DCN


From the ivory tower to agile architecture

Talk with Mario-Leander Reimer

Architecture for agile projects needs to be defined, described and continuously developed differently. Not all decisions are made at once, nor are they all made when the project starts. This talk describes different methods, tools and team topologies that can be successfully applied even in large agile projects to counteract architecture erosion and wild growth.