X is better than Y! Or is it? The Battle of Java Microservice Frameworks

 |  Mario-Leander Reimer

JavaLand, March 2022 (Mario-Leander ReimerView slides

Debates among computer scientists are probably as old as the computer itself. Who actually invented the computer? Konrad Zuse or Thomas Flowers? And what was the best editor again? VIM or Emacs? Granted: a good #Flamewar and Daily Technology Rant in the coffee kitchen among colleagues are fun and entertaining.

The discussions always have a kernel of truth, but in the heat of the moment, they are often not conducted entirely fairly: the advantages of one are contrasted with the disadvantages of the other without also considering its advantages. In this edition of “X is better than Y! Or is it?” we let currently popular Java Microservice Frameworks like Quarkus, Helidon, and Micronaut compete against each other in numerous disciplines. The competition is open, and the outcome of this talk remains exciting until the end. Will there be a clear winner? So be there or be square!

Mario-Leander Reimer
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