Quality in a Square. K8s-native Quality Assurance of Microservices with Testkube

 |  Mario-Leander Reimer

Jfokus 2023, Februar 2023, Stockholm (Mario-Leander Reimer) Slides ansehen

Continuous delivery is everywhere. Really?! Many teams still struggle to deliver well-tested product increments on a regular basis. Usually with the same old excuse: the (non)-functional tests are too complex and too expensive to implement thoroughly. But exactly the opposite is the case! In this talk, we briefly review the importance of early and regular testing of cloud-native applications and explain why monolithic CI pipelines are a dead end. We then show how easy it is to run integration, performance, security and acceptance tests continuously using Testkube directly on your Kubernetes cluster, fully integrated with a GitOps approach.

Mario-Leander Reimer
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Mario-Leander Reimer

Mario-Leander Reimer ist Managing Director / CTO bei QAware. Er ist Spezialist für den Entwurf, die Umsetzung und den Betrieb[...]

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