Terraform Everything

 |  Jan Bender

Cloud Native Night Munich, März 2023, Jan Bender, Slides ansehen

Terraform is one of the most popular tools for infrastructure automation. With over 1000 plugins for different cloud providers and technologies, almost everything can be automated out-of-the-box. But aside from the plugins for the big public cloud providers, many plugins are either community-maintained or provided by the vendor of the respective product. More often than not, the lacking quality in said plugins prevents or limits the productive use.
This talk will demonstrate how quickly you can develop your own Terraform provider so you can automate any system exactly to your requirements.

Jan Bender
Ein Beitrag von
Jan Bender

Als Software Architect bei QAware entwirft und implementiert Jan Cloud-native Infrastrukturen und Software. Durch seine Arbeit für viele mittelständische Unternehmen[...]

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