Meetup | Cloud Native Night München | hybrid

QAware München Aschauer Str. 30, München

Crafting the Future: AI Platforms and Chatbot Reliability Essentials


Join us for an engaging meetup featuring two expert talks on the forefront of AI technology. Gain valuable insights into how AI platforms can turbocharge innovation by streamlining company-wide AI development and deployment. Additionally, explore the latest advancements in chatbot testing techniques, with a focus on ensuring the reliability and accuracy of chatbot responses through innovative methods. If you want to deepen your understanding of cutting-edge AI solutions and get to know best practices, join us and have insightful discussions with our community!




Don’t Forget to Test: Crafting Reliable Chatbots, Sebastian Macke (Lead Software Engineer, QAware)


Turbocharging AI Innovation: How AI Platforms Enable The Bulletproof Deployment of GenAI Use Cases, Mario-Leander Reimer (CTO, QAware)