Stone Age was yesterday! Ways of cloud-native evolution

 |  Mario-Leander Reimer

IT-Tage 2018, Frankfurt am Main, December 2018 (Mario-Leander Reimer) Slides ansehen

For decades, we have built monolithic enterprise applications with varying degrees of success. Unfortunately, these systems and their operational models struggle to meet the high demands of modern business models. Short release cycles, antifragility, and hyperscale appear to be unattainable. So, what should be done? Is it necessary to rebuild these systems from scratch? Certainly, this is neither an economical nor sensible approach. This presentation explores possible paths for the cloud-native evolution of legacy systems and shares practical experiences.

Mario-Leander Reimer
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Mario-Leander Reimer

Mario-Leander Reimer is a Managing Director / CTO at QAware. He is a specialist in the design, implementation, and operation[...]

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