AI Ideation Game: Discover new business fields in a playful way

Das AI Ideation Game: 32 Karten, die Anwendungen beschreiben

The goal is to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence for your business.

We play in groups of two, using 32 cards that describe different AI capabilities. Each group draws two cards and develops new use cases for your business model using the two applications described on them. Time is limited. The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible.

In the second round, all ideas are presented and auctioned in the large group. We use play money for this. In this way, the collective intelligence determines which use case is the most promising. The winning group receives a prize.

The format can be expanded or shortened and thus moderated for different durations. An ideal time frame is between two and four hours and six to ten players.

The result: 

The group has experienced an exciting half-day with a surprising format. The participants encountered each other in a playful way in new constellations. Fun and insights are guaranteed.

In passing, everyone learns a lot about the application areas of AI and the potential opportunities for their own departments, services, and customers. Potentially, we even prepare the briefing for a prototype.