Cloud-friendly migration through refactoring is often the best solution

 |  Stefan Billet

Rehosting, refactoring, or rebuilding? When migrating applications or entire system landscapes to the cloud, it is important to consider the essential questions. As a Software Architect at QAware, I have had the opportunity to gather some experiences and I would like to share what has proven successful in practice with our clients such as Allianz, Ericsson, and BMW.

Before we dive into the typical migration strategies, I would like to first present my understanding: What does it actually mean to operate an application in the cloud? Primarily, it means that the software runs on remote servers, usually managed by an external cloud provider, rather than in the company’s own server room or data center. However, there are various variations of cloud software!

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Stefan Billet
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Stefan Billet

Stefan Billet serves as a Head of Division and Lead Software Architect at QAware, where he oversees the technical success[...]

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