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Quality in a Square. K8s-native Quality Assurance of Microservices with Testkube
Continuous OpenAPI Security Tests on K8s with Testkube and ZAP
Chaos Engineering on Azure AKS (Workshop)
The Status Quo of Chaos Engineerings
Cloud Compliance with Open Policy Agent
Cloud Compliance with Open Policy Agent
Cloud Native News #6: Platform building for enterprise deployment
The importance of Continuous Integration & Deployment in large enterprisesn
Enterprise CI/CD: Continuous Integration & Delivery in Enterprise Environment (Workshop)
Continuous Delivery from the tester’s perspective
Observability for all
Observability in a̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶! the wild!
Everything-as-code – Polyglotte Entwicklung in der Praxis
Continuous Delivery für Cloud-native Anwendungen auf Cloud-nativer Infrastruktur
Lightweight PaaS for Jenkins CI Environments with Docker