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Optimizing Cloud Costs
Optimizing Cloud Costs
SMEs and the Public Cloud
QAware shapes the future with modern cloud technologies.
Cloud services in the automotive industry
Programming with Go Cloud nativ
Who pays the best salary?
Securely into the cloud with Go
Fachposter: Cloud-native Architektur-Muster
Kustomize: redundancy-free K8s manifests
Trace visualization within the Software City metaphor
Develop microservices efficiently with Tilt
Continuous application development with Skaffold – just like from the assembly line
Cloud migration: a strategy that works
How to get applications with states into the cloud? Round-Robin Load-Balancing also with JSF
Eine kurze Geschichte der QAware
Trace Visualization within the Software City Metaphor: A Controlled Experiment on Program Comprehension
Policy-as-Code for Cloud-native Applications with OPA
A Layered Software City for Dependency Visualization (Best Paper Award)
Cloud Native News 2020: A year in review
Technical poster: Kubernetes – the cluster operating system for cloud-native applications
Acceleration of digital product development through the use of open source building blocks
Fachposter: DevOps Prinzipien im Zusammenspiel mit Kubernetes
Remote Collaboration – The Digital Woolen Twin
How Corona is accelerating digital disruption
Great Place to Work 2020 – Winner: “Knowledge and skills must go together
The best ICT employers – At QAware, code together alongside work
150 employees in the home office: How the company works despite Corona
Cloud Native Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Native News #6: Platform building for enterprise deployment
No more “Hello, can you hear me?” – Telepresence system individually configured
Cloud Native Enterprises: Cloud Native as a Pioneer for Autonomous Systems and Product Orientation
Stepping Away from the Lamppost: Domain-Level Technical Debt
Technical poster: Service Meshes in Microservice Architectures
Microservices with Go – When is Go worthwhile compared to Java?
Cloud Native Enterprises
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Plateau of reality
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Searching for the Next Big Cloud Native Thing
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Standard interface for service meshes
Cloud Native News #5: It’s human in the cloud-native cosmos