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SMEs and the Public Cloud
QAware gestaltet die Zukunft mit modernen Cloud-Technologien
Cloud services in the automotive industry
Programming with Go Cloud nativ
Who pays the best salary?
Securely into the cloud with Go
Fachposter: Cloud-native Architektur-Muster
Kustomize: redundancy-free K8s manifests
Trace visualization within the Software City metaphor
Develop microservices efficiently with Tilt
Continuous application development with Skaffold – just like from the assembly line
Cloud migration: a strategy that works
How to get applications with states into the cloud? Round-Robin LoadBalancing also with JSF
Eine kurze Geschichte der QAware
Trace Visualization within the Software City Metaphor: A Controlled Experiment on Program Comprehension
Policy-as-Code for Cloud-native Applications with OPA
A Layered Software City for Dependency Visualization (Best Paper Award)
Cloud Native News 2020: A year in review
Technical poster: Kubernetes – the cluster operating system for cloud-native applications
Acceleration of digital product development through the use of open source building blocks
Fachposter: DevOps Prinzipien im Zusammenspiel mit Kubernetes
Remote Collaboration – The Digital Woolen Twin
How Corona is accelerating digital disruption
Great Place to Work 2020 – Winner: “Knowledge and skills must go together
The best ICT employers – At QAware, code together alongside work
150 employees in the home office: How the company works despite Corona
Cloud Native Enterprise Architecture
Cloud Native News #6: Platform building for enterprise deployment
No more “Hello, can you hear me?” – Telepresence system individually configured
Cloud Native Enterprises: Cloud Native as a Pioneer for Autonomous Systems and Product Orientation
Stepping Away from the Lamppost: Domain-Level Technical Debt
Technical poster: Service Meshes in Microservice Architectures
Microservices with Go – When is Go worthwhile compared to Java?
Cloud Native Enterprises
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Plateau of reality
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Searching for the Next Big Cloud Native Thing
KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU: Standard interface for service meshes
Cloud Native News #5: It’s human in the cloud-native cosmos
Cloud Native News #5: It’s human in the cloud-native cosmos